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The Importance of Off-Season Fitness and Tips for Staying Active During Winter Break

The temperature is dropping, winter break is quickly approaching and it’s youth sports off-season…now what?

While winter brings hibernation, holiday cheer, and a respite from organized sports - no games or regular practices, it is also a crucial time to maintain off-season fitness. Athletes who don’t participate in off-season training are significantly more likely to suffer in-season injuries as a result of inactivity when compared to athletes who train. Not only will staying active this holiday season maintain the physical fitness necessary for in-season sports, it can also be a great opportunity to explore new forms of exercise and help prevent sports related overuse injuries.


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Benefits of neuromuscular training programs for athlete injury prevention

Did you know that each year, 4 million school-aged children will suffer a sports related injury? Of these, upwards of 400,000 are knee injuries. For a parent, practitioner, coach, and especially athlete, these statistics are alarming. We know that sports injuries can affect just about every aspect of a young athlete’s life from physical to mental health. What’s more, the financial burden of an injury can be incredibly costly to families. So, what’s being done to alleviate the problem? Studies show that neuromuscular training programs (NMTPs) are beneficial in helping athletes prevent knee injuries. While the term “exercise program” can feel daunting, NMTPs can be easily performed at home, with limited time and with no equipment at all.

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