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Need an Athletic Trainer? Here's What you Need to Know

Did you know that Athletic Trainers (ATs) are not only highly educated and trained medical professionals but that 70% of ATs also have a Master's Degree? As of 2022, a Masters is now the minimum entry point for becoming an AT. Athletic Trainers take care of injuries, prevent injuries, provide daily/weekly treatments, are trained for life-saving events, follow Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), and medically clear athletes. 

Unfortunately, only 35% of secondary schools in the U.S. have full-time ATs, while 34% of secondary schools do not have an AT at all. Where there isn't an AT, there is an exponential risk for catastrophic events and possible long-term health problems for athletes. Risk is mitigated where there IS an AT, and outcomes include saving lives, immediate injury care, fewer injuries, less costs to parents and schools, and healthier kids!

Need an Athletic Trainer? Here are some tips:

  • Partner with your local health systems and/or sports medicine groups.
  • Discuss ways to get an AT with your booster clubs and get parents involved! They can be resourceful and effective in driving change to support their children. 
  • Connect with groups like @atvantage for AT services.
  • Hire a staff AT.

By not supporting our kids with qualified medical professionals like ATs, there can be tragic consequences during workouts, practices and games. The good news is, most consequences CAN be prevented with the support of an AT! Organizations like the Korey Stringer Institute are driven to enhance student-athlete health care by increasing access to AT services. Their InnovATe program does just that. Their mission is to increase access to Athletic Training Services in secondary schools and promote safety and injury prevention. 

Please follow and support Korey Stringer Institute at @K_S_Institute. Check out more info about Korey Stringer Institute's InnovATe program here!



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