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Supporting Parents of Youth Athletes - How Risk Management Solutions Can Help!

The support and involvement of parents/guardians in their children’s sports participation can positively impact the overall safety of youth athletes. Proactive training, communication and education are crucial in engaging parents/guardians and keeping them informed on sports safety. Below are three effective ways to involve parents/guardians in sports safety solutions:

  1. Policies and Handbooks: Provide parents/guardians with participant handbooks that outline your organization’s policies, procedures and expectations. Handbooks should be detailed and provide easy-to-follow instructions on how parents/guardians can ensure their child’s safety during practices, games and beyond.
  2. Parent/Guardian Feedback: To foster more effective and transparent communication and identify areas of improvement, organizations can also evaluate their program by gathering feedback from parents/guardians. This feedback can be used to refine communication strategies and education to meet the needs of parents/guardians better. This could look like a simple quarterly survey or even biannual focus group sessions to obtain thoughts and feelings to evaluate your sports program and improve accordingly more effectively. 
  3. Continuing Education and Training: Effective education and training are critical components of parent/guardian involvement in youth sports risk management. They should be trained and empowered to recognize and respond to safety risks, such as concussions and heat-related illnesses. Comprehensive education and training programs should also include information on injury prevention, first aid, and organization-specific emergency response procedures to help ensure the safety of all athletes.

By involving parents/guardians in overseeing their athlete’s participation in organized sports, organizations can create a safety culture and reduce the risks associated with youth sports.

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